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Pantea Gerami Pour

Junior Partner
Suitable solutions for complex situations need different
perspectives. With empathy, intuition and professional
expertise, Pantea is a trustworthy and inspiring
partner for companies and candidates alike.

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Benjamin Körner

Founder & Executive Partner
Change is the status quo, management in change is normality.
This is particularly important as part of agile and digital
transformation. An exchange of ideas with Benjamin is bound to
be useful if you are looking to fill a key position in this context.

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Kristina Agaronjan

Head of Backoffice
Professional and binding dealings require a well-
organised basis. Kristina is responsible for smooth
processes and correspondence reliably and empathically.

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Christoph Oelrich

Co-Founder & Executive Partner
Christoph cultivates a personal network with experience,
intuition and professional skill. This is an efficient way for
clients to access decisive personalities for the 1st
and 2nd management levels.

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Sarah Eftekhar

Backoffice & Research
As an organisational talent with a legal background,
Sarah not only ensures optimum processes and
correspondence but also has a fine instinct for
identifying fascinating candidates.

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