Executive Search & Interim Management

Discreet, undisclosed and exclusive direct address is the best method of efficiently filling key positions. We also offer companies the option of utilising experienced interim managers temporarily for particularly time-critical vacancies.

We find the right candidates based on a close network of relationships and many years of expertise in the digital economy.

Our experience, intuition and methodically clear-cut skills are crucial pre-requisites for a successful executive search.

And in selecting candidates we not only value specialist expertise, but also believe that mindset and personality are essential factors for long-term successful filling of a position.

One decisive benefit for our clients is being able to direct all the relevant and sensitive information at any time without having to appear on the candidate market.

The pre-requisite for successful and rapid filling of a position is precise clarification of the basis for requirements of all the relevant decision-makers in advance.

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Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Knowledge Reasoning, Smart Data, Evolutionary Algorithms, Complex Event Processing

Agile Transformation

Scrum, Kanban, Self-Organizing & Cross-Functional Units, Value-Driven, Story Mapping, Change Management, Agile Scaling


Autonomous & Connected Vehicles, Digital Platforms, Sharing & Mobility Services, M2M Communication

Digital Transformation

Digitale Innovation of Products, Services & Processes; Building eCommerce & eBusiness in new and traditional Industries

Business Intelligence

Data Tracking & Analysis, Realtime Reporting, Interfacing unstructured Data Sources, Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics

Technical Innovation

Artificial Intelligence & Neural Networks, Internet of Things, Virtual Infrastructure, Software Engineering

Product Management

Vision, Strategy & Lifecycle, Roadmap Planning, Business & Product Ownership, User Experience, MVP, Customer Centric

Online Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEO/SEA), Data Based & Automated, Social, Affiliate, Mobile, Content & Marketing, AdTech, Profiling

Human Resources

New Work, Change Management, Data Driven Recruiting & Personell Development, Employer Branding, Culture & Leadership Coaching

Management & Leadership

Lean & Agile Management, Horizontal Organizations, Leadership of Leaders, Enabling & Mentoring, Executive Board & Steering Committee

Industries & Functions

eCommerce & eBusiness

Executives & Professionals for General Management, IT, BI & Data, Strategy, Product, Finance, Marketing, HR

Venture Capital & Private Equity

Executives for Portfolio Companies in ICT, Media, Commerce, Life Science

Information Technology

Executives and Specialists in General Management, Finance, Data, IoT, Cloud, Software Engineering, Operations, Security


Executives and Specialists in General Management, Digital Strategy, IT, Business Development, Marketing, BI & Data, Finance, HR


Executives in Digital Strategy & Transformation, BI & Data, Multichannel, IT, Finance, HR

Logistics & Transportation

Executives and Specialists in General Management, Finance, IT, Digitalisation, Strategy, HR

Financial Services & FinTech

Executives in General Management, Controlling, Risk & Asset Management, IT, Digital Strategy, Business Intelligence, Data Science, HR


Executive & Management Consultants for Strategy, Processes and Implementations

Consumer Products

Executives in General Management, Digital Strategy & Transformation, IT, Business Intelligence, Data Science, Marketing, HR


Executives in General Management, Digital Strategy & Transformation, IT, Business Intelligence, Data Science, Marketing, HR